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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Fun.... Sugar skulls for this momma...

So as some of you know I'm not only a momma but a make-up artist too.. I'm nearly all booked up for the weekend of Halloween.. but I've decided to not take on any jobs on the 31st as I need this day to be special for my kids ..
But I usually an second fiddle and get forgotten on Halloween but this year I've decided that wont be the case..
I've decided to paint a sugar skull on my face... I bought a really cute hot pink wig for my daughter that amazingly fits my head so I'm going to rock that as well :)
I will post more pictures after Halloween...

I painted this Pink and white number while the kids were napping.. took about 25mins and I did poke myself in the eye.. and took a few mins to recover :) Im kinda blind so i missed a few spots.. but it gives it a more "real" look if you will ....

I'm loving the Sugar Skulls ...

Some of my clients this year will include Zombies.. Vampires, Drag queen, and a couple sugar skulls too :)

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