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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glass Jar Luminaries ....Crafty time....

So my Friend Jen Inspired me today to get crafty..

She made some simple Glass jar luminaries and I was all... oh my gosh.. i need to make some.. so I pulled out the 4 jars that have been sitting patiently under the sink for just this purpose...
What you will need...
Glass jars
tissue paper
glue (modge podge works great but so does white glue watered down a bit)
Black paper or craft foam
a couple paint brushes ..
and a light .. you can use real tea lights or the flameless kind.. I like to use glow sticks..

Extra item ideas...

when I started to make mine I couldn't decide if the tissue should go on the inside our out.. so I put it on the inside and did one with it on the outside to see the difference... MrK got in on this crafty fun too :)
they dry MUCH faster if the tissue is on the outside.. but honesty I like the look of the glass with the tissue on the inside...

so simple to make.. cover work surface with paper , can be a little messy ... then apply glue directly to the glass and cover with tissue paper seal the tissue paper with the glue... once done let dry..
I call this a "free" project, you can recycle the glass jars .. you can use new Tissue paper or you can save the tissue paper that one gets in a gift bag , cut the tissue up into squares ...

I really like using glow sticks as you can put in a colour that matches the tissue and it glows brighter ... :)

Once the jars are all dry you can decorate the out side... We chose a Halloween theme but you could easily make them so they are used everyday or seasonally , my son loves stickers so he went to town with the star stickers I had left over from another project...

Pictures will be posted soon !!! :)

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