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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hand Print Christmas ornament

 In the spirit of giving I wanted to do something for the Grandparents... We have 3 sets.. but only 3 celebrate Christmas,

So we made these...

supplies needed

.. Round Christmas ball
we used clear ones but you could use coloured ones..

... Acrylic paint and a brush

..a clothes line and clothes pegs to dry the balls

.. Baby wipes for smudges and quick clean up

 What to do...

Simply paint your child's hand, then carefully press the ball into the palm of their hand.. we did a dry run with each kid so they would understand what mommy wanted them to do..

press hand against ball, then carefully release hand..
hang on mini clothes line to dry.. we then added glitter inside the ball it looked like snow.. mrK LOVED this... i added a ribbon at the top as well.. these rocked.. im sure the Grands will LOVE them :)

These cost less than $3 bucks each to make... 

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