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Monday, December 3, 2012

Home made bath Salts


my Kids LOVE bath salts and they are fun to make, and use and Give as gifts...
  For this basic bath salts recipe you'll need:

  • Some salt - I prefer a mixture of sea salt and epsom salt, but there are many different types of salt both rare and common, but if your in a pinch regular Epsom salts are fine on their own..
  • Some scent - you can use skin-safe fragrance oils or for an aromatherapy bath, essential oils 
  • a ziplock bag, use a bag double the size of the amount of salts your putting into it
  • A container to put it in - preferably air tight like a mason or other jar. (Plastic is better than glass around the bath tub if you can get it, though some fragrance or essential oils will warp and discolor plastic.) 
1. Pour salt into a plastic zip bag (ziplcok bag with zipper closure ) . Add a few drops of essential oil. Close bag immediately and shake well to mix scent thoroughly.
2. Next add food coloring a couple drops at a time. Shake well and add more color only if needed.
3. Finally, if you have time, let the mixture sit over night and then shake the bag one last time for the most even color distribution.
4. Package and embellish your homemade gift in a glass jar or cellophane bag.
My kids love to SHAKE up the bags, I found freezer bags worked the best and can be used a few times .. this is also a cool sensory thing to do with your kids as it feels cool through the bag, and if its a mix they are using them selves they can finish mixing them up by hand :) 

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