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Sunday, December 2, 2012

the Pony Project

So I have very fond memories of my hobby horse when i was a child.. my mom made like 20 of them for me my siblings and my cousins and a few close family friends..
MrK who is now 4 and LilL who is now 2 LOVE hobby horses and any broom, shovel or stick is often "turned into a horsey" so I made it my goal this year to make my kids a pony of their own, i saw lots of tutorials online about how to make one and i didnt see a pattern i liked so i made my own.. I wanted the head to look like the "knight" in a game of Chess..

so I laid out a sheet of paper and drew the horse shape i liked..
then cut out two "head shapes" for each horse, and a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of polar fleece  for each horse about 30 inches long

then laid right sides together, places strip"Between" the head shapes staring under the chin of the horse , then sew these together, then once both sides have been sewn sew a straight line from the "chin"  to the ens of the horse. the 2 inch strip gives the horse "width" in his face.. you can skip this step is you want a "flatter" pony
turn the head inside out
Take your "stick" or body of pony and pad one end so it is now soft and wont poke through the head of the horse or feel hard inside the head.. shove the stick into the head..
 Fill the head firmly with cotton batting I like the light weight kind then its not heavy for a child to use..
I choose to cover the stick of the pony with polar fleece so it was soft, then added a "tail" on the end. also slightly padded the end so it wasnt hard. and possibly used as a weapon ;)but you could paint it, I used a pre cut dowsing from home depo ($4.50 each) but you could use.. an old hockey stick, a broken ore , a sturdy tree branch broom handle

Decorate you pony as you see fit.. the "hair styles" on both ponies were all hand stitched in place, and too FOR EVER.. hahah about 3hrs for each pony.. but i know they will never some off ..

Materials used to make these ponies :
-polar fleece
-light weight toy batting
-felt for eyes and ears
-thread scissors

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