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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey Did you miss me ???

SO if you've missed me.. Sorry life has gotten away from us
In the End of April there was a huge explosion at my husbands work, Lakeland Saw Mill. Luckily he wasn't working that night but it still shook us, two men died and several were burned or injured in the explosion.. 
So after we got over the shock of the whole thing we then realized.. WTF do we do now, do we move so Andy can find work do we stay here and wait it out and hope for a job. Luckily all of his tools were covered by Lakelands insurance so we didn't have to worry about replacing the thousands of dollars in tools he had at work..
3 months later He has now found work, but its not locally and will be gone for 7days at a time.. this will be a test of our marriage and i know hard on us emotionally.. the kids are just shy of 2 and 4 and not having daddy around will be tough on them. But you gotta do what you gotta do..

I"ve been watching my make-up business grow and to be honest and slightly selfish i dont wish to move. I'm getting my name out there and getting booked up.. its pretty exciting :)
Right now I'm trying to work on projects to round out my portfolio like Indian Bridal (Bollywood ish) , I've been working on my face painting skills and LOVING painting pregnant belly's its my newest passion and I get such joy from doing it..

I've been sewing too.. made several little dresses for Lil'L and as gifts.. its one of those things.. I love it and I will always sew.

We had a family reunion in July and it was a blast, did lost of camp crafting and weeded out lots of random art things from my craft boxes

My future craft projects are.. I spy games, and i'd like to make some soft books ... :)

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