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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real reviews from a real momma.... Exersaucer review

Evenflow Exersaucer
I bought the Little Farm version as I figured it would be great for a boy or a girl.. both of my children love it.. my son was very bouncy and my daughter isnt so much.. but both still have fun..
Pro's ..
seat spins to have a 360* play time...
the toys are interchangeable and you can purchase different individual toys if you want to change things up for loner play entertainment
easy to clean
height adjustable for longer use
fun themes and bright entertaining colours
folds flat for storage or transportation
snack tray for when baby needs to snack and play.. the little barn that plays music is cute I wish it had a volume but is not to overly loud and plays several "farm" songs , ad the batteries last a long time in this little light up and noise maker :)

large not great if you have a small space...
less than a year of play out of it....

if your planing on having more than one child this toy is a great investment... and It allowed me to get things done.. like have a shower and do the dishes.. while my child sat and played and was safe and not able to get into anything if my back was tuned for 3 seconds... :)


  1. I have this too! Mine is still in decent shape considering it's seen two kids. Actually, I just finished taking it apart to put away for another baby someday. Sigh. Why did I take it apart? Because I can't get it to fold down and I accidentally popped it off it's base ... let's not get into that.

  2. Ours looks a little "worn" because my son had 6 teeth by 6 months and scraped some of the paint off... but other than that it looks fantastic :) I found it not to difficult to fold down.. I think it has to be in the tallest setting.. :)