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Monday, March 21, 2011

Real reviews from a real momma.... Rockin Green Soap Canada

So I recently won a prize from Rockin Green Soap Canada .. and once I get a chance to give it a spin.. I will post a review..
But basically its an amazing soap for all your cloth diapering loads of laundry... I'm excited to try it out :)

Update !!!!!

so I have now been using the Rockin Green in almost every load of my kids and husbands dirty clothes... I was really hesitant at 1st because we all have sensitive skin, and my son in particular breaks out in a rash every time I switch laundry soaps.. but this time I was so lucky not only did he not get rashy.. but the clothes came out so clean...
My daughter had some yummy banana's one night and my husband just tossed her out fit into the laundry.. now we all have see banana;s after a day or two.. all yucky and black dots that dont wash out of anything .. but I used the Rockin Geen in Lavender mint as a "pre treater " left it on for the day and then washed it up in the morning.. I was socked it all came out... and So happy...
I have been a lazy mum lately and haven't used cloth diapers in a while... but I did do one load with the Rockin Green and I was so freaking happy with the results...
I'm hoping Rockin Green picks me to do more reviews for them.... I think We'd be a great fit together, as I'm a Canadian mommy.. :) and hate doing laundry.. but Rockin Green Makes the job easier for me !!!!

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