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Thursday, March 17, 2011

hair clips. bows holder

So I keep seeing these hair bow holders and some sell for as much as $50... now Missy L has only a skiff of hair.. but she can rock a head band and what little girl doesn't need a flower the size of her head... so as I've been accumulating all these little frilly head do dah's I now need a way to store them so they dont get destroyed or lost...So I made one...
I hit Micheals the craft store , bought a wooden wall plaque ($3.73 with my 40% off coupon) , a few letters spelling out her name and some cute pre painted wooden decorations... and with some paint I already had.. painted it a shimmery dark pink, then painted the letters gold.. and brushed a little gold paint over the pre-painted wooden decorations... and once they were dry using my trusty glue gun attached the letters and the decorations to the plaque... then on the flip side attached a ribbon loop to hang the holder.. and then two long ribbons to be used to actually hold the hair Do Dah's... I cut a length of 12 inches... this is too short .. go at leas 20 inches.. then I put a bow at the end of each hanging ribbon... super simple and cost me about $5 bucks to make... no sewing or major skill required.. just a little imagination and some paint... :) try it.. you'll be so proud of your self... I'll post pictures tomorrow...
Supplies and tools needed...
Wooden wall plaque
letters (if you so choose)
coordinating ribbon
decorative pieces (if you so choose)
hot glue gun

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