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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Real reviews from a real momma.... Vapur the anti-bottle

ok So while shopping today I came across the coolest thing.. a water bottle that is... reusable.. foldable...dishwasher safe....freezable... attachable... and you can write you name on it... Seriously cool.. I wanted a bottle for my diaper bag... and this one is perfect once its empty i can roll it up and stick it into my bag... I can see this being perfect for school lunch boxes and bike trips when space is limited.Throw it n your purse or keep it in your car .. its SMART.. thats the best word to describe this bottle... :)

I bought the pink.. of course.. I love love pink but it comes in several colours... I think the fact that I can just hook it to my bag with the carabiner... :)

its also BPA free, and has a "squirt bottle" top ..

its made in the USA

holds 0.5liters of water.. and it looks cool :)

I paid about $15 bucks for mine.. but i think its worth it... :)

link to their site...


So recently my daughter who is now 9months old has been loving the baby "add water" cereals and my Vapur bottle works perfectly to hold water for this purpose ...
I've been using it alot lately too, and I'm loving the fact that it can go into the dishwasher... as a busy mom this is huge time saver for me :)
I do wish that the lid that covers the drinking spout was some how attached... I've lost my lids on bot hmy bottles ... and while you can buy an extra lid on their site it seems like too much of a hassle for me :)

oh the bottle is also a good baby distracter.. my daughter loves to play with it :)


  1. But! It doesnt appear to fit in a cup holder. Major marketing flaw.

  2. but it clips onto ..well anything... and it will fit into a cup holder .. I've done so in my stroller... but once it's half full it kinda flops over.. but for the most part I clip this to my diaper bag...

  3. We took a family vacation to San Antonio in July and I stocked up on these for our whole family. I would fill and freeze the night before, and then hooked them to the back of our umbrella stroller. Added bonus was our 9 month old never even broke a sweat because he had these behind his back keeping him cool....