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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

real reviews from a Real momma... BABY LEGS

So I have a new accessory obsession... BABY LEGS !!!!

With my Son we didn't really use them I had one pair, and they were used around the house but they were not used that often.

But with my little 8 1/2 month old daughter she wears them almost every day ... she is a "scooter" rather than a crawler and with the warm weather upon us I love to put her in dresses but still want to keep her little chubby legs from getting carpet burns or road rash and she scoots along..

the Solution... BABY LEGS !!!!

these come in EVERY colour, patter and design known to man.. :)

they sell footless tights and kick proof socks as well...

they have 3 sizes (new born, 33 cm and 40cm )

Baby legs wash well, come in a variety of colours so they can match pretty much any outfit and are just so freaking cute :) and useful too

I am now obsessed and need to start my colour co-ordination collection :)

they have some girls ones with ruffles... I think I need a few pairs of those ... (Canadian distributor )

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