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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hand print fun !!!!

So I love to document everything about my kids, and I can't get over how fast they grow.. so I love to take imprints of their hands and feet ...

I love to use non toxic stamp pads in metallic or bright colours .. then stamp their hands down on pretty much any paper... then I take a fine point felt tipped pen and outline their hands and all the little creases and lines... this is great especially if you get a print that is not complete ( missing a finger or partial finger ) then you can just "fill in" the missing bits... I have used paint too but I find the clean up with stamp pads is really fast and much less messy :)

For the image above I actually printed the kids hands onto clear plastic sheets, and then framed it in a two pane glass picture frame, then you can see the light coming through the hand prints, kinda like a stained glass... We will be giving this to daddy for Fathers day so I'll post pictures next week of the finished product :)

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