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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Save Save Save !!!!!

So I've kinda gone a little coupon Crazy... and I like to stay organized , I found that I have just too many of them for my wallet... but I'm not a crazy coupon lady like those on those Coupon shows.. Although I secretly would like to...
I live in Canada and its not like the states where you can load up and double up and coupon match, if I'm lucky I can get away with one coupon per item.. occasional I have been able to "stack" coupons, but this doesn't happen to often.. (Stacking coupons, is when you have oLinkne or more coupons for the same item, they need to be different coupons but for the same item, some places like London drugs lets you stack them..)
these are the sites I get my coupons from... this site has many printable and mail in coupons, as well as freebies this face book page updates frequently with awesome deals and coupons mail in coupon data base, great products in coupon data base, great products I use this to plan out my meals by checking whats on sale weekly...

other money saving idea's is stock up when things go more than 50% off, grocery stores "cycle" sale, so that means every 3-6 months they have the same sale on the same item, stock up then..
Coupon or buy in bulk with your friends... its easier to save money when you have the support of friends :)

Local PG coupon site...

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