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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FREE EYE GLASSES !!! yes please

ok so I like a deal.. oh boy do I like a deal.. I am however very leery of a "too good to be true deal" and when this one came up I was all.. hmm is this for real.. so I gave it a try and boy am I happy I did.. I ordered a pair of designer glasses and paid less than $15 bucks for taxes and shipping .. I ordered them Tuesday morning and they arrived on Thursday afternoon.. wholly fast shipping bat man.. I couldnt even get my glasses this fast if I bought them from my optometrist ... not to mention they were less than $15 bucks....

You will need your prescription and its valid for one pair per person ...
check out the frames a head of time so you dont have to risk missing out on the deals...

I'm so happy I did this... and now I have to share it with the world .. :) hehehhe

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  1. Mandy! It's Jonah, I actually work for Clearly Contacts now and saw your post on FB. Glad you enjoyed the specs!