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Monday, May 9, 2011

I LOVE baby and kids steals....

So I'm addicted to an on line baby / kids / scrap booking site.. they have a daily sale of high end great quality products... I never thought of myself as a name brand momma till I had my eyes opened after finding ... I've purchased several items from diaper bags to shoes to, clothing items stuffed toys nursing bras and storage solutions... they seriously look after their customers... they love their stealing mommas who go crazy over JuJuBe and Petunia pickle bottom... I never heard of $100 dollar baby blankets till I found b.s. they of course sell them for a greatly discounted price :) the Steals network has amazing customer service.. if you have a problem with your product they will either replace it, fix it or make you happy...
The only issue I have is the shipping time... I live in Canada and it takes FOR EVER to get my "steals" often about 21 days... it feels longer when im waiting for something I'm really excited about :)
I'm a huge fan of B.s K.s... :) they have a "steal" every morning at 9am mdt ... and Baby steals offers a second daily steal at 9pm mdt...

how it works is they ofter an item and its on sale till its gone, some times the item is sold out in seconds... some times it doesn't sell out.. if it doesn't sell out it goes into the archives and you can buy from the archives as well :)

I warn you... this site is super addictive....

I Love New Steal Daily - 9am MST

I Love New Steal Daily - 9am MST

I Love<br />New Steal Daily - 9am MST


  1. I love these sites, too. Also there's and that have great daily deals. The only thing I don't like about babysteals is that the deals seem to repeat a lot!

  2. I am considering doing a canadian site similar to kids steals. Any tips?

  3. I think the biggest tip for you is to have AMAZING high quality product.. Amazing customer service .... fast reasonably priced shipping and unique items ... if you do start one Please let me know :) ..Thanks ..Mandy momma of this blog