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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Day gift Ideas

Valentines Day gift Ideas

So I've been busy.. my charity Prince George Dress Dreams has been keeping me busy a little too busy to craft but I found some time tonight to help my kids make some cute presents for Grand parents and Daddy too :)

My kids are 1 and 3 and they dont really draw yet but man can they cover paper in a hurry with beautiful scribbles
And Im lucky to have this huge roll of paper that the two of them can cover in no time, the smile and giggle the whole time...
but then I am left with a huge piece of beautiful paper, I've used this paper to wrap gifts .. this was a huge hit at Christmas and at a recent birthday

and I decided to do a little recycling, I have these great little glass jars (left over from mustard) they are the perfect size for a little something... I then took my big sheets of mrK and Lil'L coloured paper and cut little hearts out of the paper, you could use a punch if you have one but I cut all of mine out by hand.. then i had mrK (he's 3years old) help fill the jars full of little hearts, he was really excited to do this and giggled the whole time and he knew it was his art the hearts were made from...
I then closed up jars and placed a paper over the top and ties a ribbon around then trimmed off the edges like a jam jar...
I then cute a heart shaped "card" and added a little note...
A Waaahlah.. a jar of love :)

MrK and Lil' L have many friends and I wanted to give them a little something ... so I took some of the left over hearts and taped them to a small heart shaped sucker and wrote on the back... "I'd be a sucker if I didnt choose you as a friend Happy Valentines Day !!!! "
Super simple and cost me $2 bucks for 20 suckers :)

Also took a second huge sheet of paper and drew large hearts of all sizes and only gave the kids red pinks and purple crayons to colour with and they went to town as usual. and the nonce done I cut out the hearts and attached them to an scrap piece of lace and hung them from the valance in the kitchen.. both kids LOVE them :)

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