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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 2012 !!!!

So the new year is here !!! Weeeeeeeeee
with the insanity of Christmas and all the family visits and eating to many sweets I kinda got behind in my blogging.. Sorry about that...

anyhoo this year wil be my best, my kids are sleeping better, understanding more, and Lil'L is going ot be potty trained by the end of 2012 I'm sure of it.. MrK is developing and turning into his own person.. ITs amazing to me how they change, and how quickly they have become little people ..
My Goal this year is to review as many products as possible, show off as many cool project idea's I have and will do as many crafty things for my kids as I can.

I'm also going more "full time" into make-up.. Facepainting at kids parties is my "newest" thing and so far its being warmly recived.. I've all so got PG Dress Dreams going full swing right now, We are collecting donated dresses and giving them to deserving girls in our community. That and beign a full time stay at home mom my plate is full and I'm happy with that <3

It's been busy but we are gearing up and ready to go !!!!!

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