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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Santa was good to our kids... Kid Craft Retro Red kitchen and Black and Decker work bench .. Reviews from a real momma

So Santa was really good to our kids this year..

Lil'L (15months old) and MrK (3 years & 3months old) they got spoiled...
Lil'L Got the Retro Red Kitchen from Kid Craft.. and I must say this was a gift partly for me :) I think I love it as much as she does... She is a girly girl and loves to open and close , twist and turn and toss everything out of that adorable kitchen :) I put it together in about 2 hrs, one door did give me some trouble but I got it together, but word to the wise, Do do it by yourself on Christmas eve at 10pm at night.. heheheh
Things I LOVE (she loves) about it .... Its adorable , fits into a smaller space, its not HUGE, and yet isnt tiny that she will grow out of it in a year or two.. My 3year old also loves it, his play is much different than her play, he actually makes food :) its bright and colourful, and its a practical play space with lots of space for imagination.
Things that could be changed.. the phone is not attached and is often lost.. or "baked" in the oven, it would be nice if it were attached , or I may just throw on a big peice of Velcro just so we can keep track of it. the paint has chiped on one of the doors , but its still super cute...

I highly recomend this kitchen to anyone wanting to add a cute and stylish toy to your play room.

mrK got the black and Decker Work bench...
And HE loves it, and I love watching him play with it, the tools are wonderfuly cute,and safe :)
He is really into tools like Daddy, and this was a great addition to our play room, easy to put together , my husband did it without instructions, (I had ot fix a part of it later) and it took about 20 mins to assemble it.
MrK's review ... " I like the colours, the sounds and the hammer" ... " I like to cut the pretend wood, and makes the drill go.. buuzzzzzzzz" (shakes hands wildly) I like the hooks to hang my toys, and I like to hamer the hammer" ... ok so he is three .. but I think its a really usefull learnign toy, it teach hand eye coordination, you can pound nails with a hammer, and twist screws and bolts together... hoepfully he will not discover that the bolts and screws (plastic like the toy) are what holds it all together ... or he will be the one putting it back together :)
we didnt realize that two of the tools attached to the bench needed batteries out kids made the "buzzing" sounds without them.. but since batteries have been put in them, I've noticed the bench getting more play action :) My son often pretends he is Handy Manny and orders his tools around .. its pretty cute..
I do wish this toy was some what colapsable so it could be put away easier, its kinda on the big side but we have a large play room so its not so bad.. it would work in his bed room too.. but i fear he'd never sleep :)

all in all its a good buy, we found it at Costco for $50 about $30-$40 dollars cheaper than at Toys-R-Us.... we also bought the extra tools pack for $19 and that was a good buy, he loves the power drill..

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