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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses !!!!!

So I finally made up a pillow case dress for Lil'L .. and its ADORABLE

Supplies needed...
Pillow case basics slip kind
sewing machine
measuring tape
sewing pins
skinny elastic
and ribbons

how to make dress out of a pillow case.... Measure your child figure out a good length I found that 24 inches was great on my daughter but it was a bit too long, but i want her to be able to wear it for a while....
mark your case at the NON OPENED end and cut across... (if opened you should have a tube)

then to make the arm opening fold case in half with openings at top and bottom

then either free cut or make a template.. measure two inches across and 5 inches down then making a light curve make the arm opening shape

then with your left over length make some binding tape
(width should be about 2 1/2 inches wide.. fold cut side together with iron... then fold in half again.. press with iron... )

then pin bias tape along the arm hole to finish the edges

then roll the neck line down to create a casing... wide enough for your elastic and safety pin to fit through

sew all seams and bias tapes in place....

then cut elastic about 6-10 inches long depending on age of child

then sew 12 inch lengths of ribbon to each end of elastic ... thread through neck casing .. and sew in place just at each end so you can not see the elastic if its pulled ...

and tah dahhh you've made a dress from a pillow case...

and then marvel at your crafty-ness

for my Lil' L who is only 10 months old I added two belt loops on each side of dress and then made a belt with some of the left over fabric ... and when she is bigger the belt loops can easily be removed ... but right now it gives a nice gathered look .....

and if this seems a little Over whelming check out my FACE BOOK PAGE and inquire about having a custom one made for your daughter :)