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Monday, January 18, 2010

So I was "organizing" my scrapbook stuff, I was trying to get rid of stuff and I am unable to.. I have a slight "hoarder" syndrome when it comes o scrapbook and craft stuff... I might need it... you never know...
But i came across some cool stuff that I honestly havent seen in years... now all I need to do is actually print some photos... mr. K's year two scrap book is updated and scrapbooked to his 1st birthday .... 4 months ago... so I need to print out some pics...
I also realized that I need to take more family pictures.... I guess mr K has taken all the camera's focus... :)

Im also hoping to post some pictures on my blog... so stay tunned for that... :)

I am excited to have a venue to share my crafty knowlege.. I'm hoping to go through some of my art idea's and add more things .. but thus far Im having fun :)


  1. Hay friend: Nice to see you now have a creative outlet... we all need one! Or two! It is a good start to get organized as this will show you what you have and when you need it you will be able to find it! Theres worse things to hoard than paper and glitter!

    About the quilt: I would layer you top and back with Hobbs 90% cotton batt. It has a beautiful softness, it ages beautifully and it is not as flamable as normal synthetic batt. You will love working with it!

  2. thanks So much... I will request that kind of batting the next time im in the fabric store :) there's a great quilting place near me , I'm excited to make it :)