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Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Memory Blankes....

Ok, once we have kids they acquire alot of stuff, clothing is one of those things that I keep, I look at each item and say.. " ohh I remember him wearing this"
Once we are done having Babies I'm going to make a memory blanket for Mr. K ... The material I will use is his BABY CLOTHES.... cut a square out of either heavy card stock or even a plastic lid... use this as your template, then place the square over the item you want to put into the blanket, you can get any where from 2-4 squares per item depending on the size of the item... if there is a design on the item and would like to have it be a part of the blanket make sure to center it before cutting , you will want to leave a 1 inch seam allowance around the image...
then once all of your squares have been cut out, sew them together... then once you have your blanket at the desired shape and size , line it with some quilting batting and then attach the back and sew it in place... if your a quilter you can do a more detailed quilt but if not a patch work quilt can be just as nice..
you can also use items with zippers and buttons and snaps just be sure to either line the square with another piece of fabric or sew them shut....if you leave them so they can be zipped or unbuttoned this can also be a learning tool...

(Please note the image above is one not made by me but rather another crafty mommy... I just borrowed her image till I'm able to post one of my own...)

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