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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Spin Art !!!!!!

Ok.. So Lately mrK (3years old) has been wanting to do nothing but spin art.. he loves squeezing the paint out of bottles and watching the paper wildly spin around in the salad spinner... Instant gratification for him... and I love it too.. so pretty and easy for him.. I love how excited he gets...

So Today was a snow day.. We received about a foot of snow last night so we decided to stay at home and have an inside say...

So I made up a few "snow man" shapes and then let my son coat them with shades of blues and silvers in the salad spinner....

He thought we needed 4 snow men (there are 4 in our family so that makes perfect seance :) ) I used a heavy card stock ,and drew out some hats , mitts, branches for arms, and carrot noses using markers then cut out each shape.. my son suggested using rhinestones for buttons... and I drew on the "coal" for the mouths with a black sharpie .. and Of course Googly eyes were used for eyes... Any chance mrK gets to use googly eyes he will .. :)

After the spinning part of the snow men was dry.. (paint dried in about 45mins) we used a mix of white glue and some water and I let mrk Glue down the parts where he liked.. he did remarkably well.. faces were where faces should be.. hats on head.. mitts on arms.. and buttons down the front...

I think he did a wonderful job !!!! I love watching him show everyone his art when they come into the room :)

Supplies Needed for this Project........
1.) salad spinner
2.) heavy paper or card stock
3.) scissors
4.) Glue
5.) markers
6.) googly eyes
7.) ribbon to string snow men together

you could also make your snow men accessories out of Felt or other cloth if you like

Glitter could be added for an extra sparkly snow man...


  1. I discovered your blog and that brings me a lot of joy! Keep up the good work!:)

  2. Thank you so much... I'm glad you can get some of my joy from my blog :)